Car Air Conditioning Recharge & Repair in Cardiff

The most common fault that we have dealt with is with the Nissan Qashqai. 


Qashqai Air Conditioning Fault

The Nissan Qashqai Facelift (J11) model has an inherent fault with it's air conditioning system condenser. The fault from manufacture, causes the air conditioning system to stop producing cold air. This is due to the R1234yf refrigerant leaking through the porous cores of the condenser. The leak paths are occasionally very small & can be hard to detect using conventional leak detection processes. The Qashqai J11 Condenser replacement has now become a frequent task in my workshop.

If you are having to regularly regass your Qashqai air conditioning system, then I can almost guarantee your condenser is at fault.

Condenser Replacement Service

  • I can provide an all inclusive package for a cost of £280 Incl Vat. The package includes -  
  • Remove & Replace supplied (non genuine) condenser.
  • Replace Condenser Pipe seal's.
  • Pressure test system with Oxygen Free Nitrogen.
  • Add required amount of PAG Dens oil 12.
  • Replenish with 500g of R1234yf Refrigerant.
  • Inject  Antibacterial treatment into HVAC Vents/Ducting.  

Replacement Condenser

In my opinion the condenser that is supplied by Autoair is a better quality item than that fitted from manufacture. Autoair provides a 2 year warranty with this condenser. Please note:  warranty does not cover corrosion or damage.. 

Service Terms

I can only carry out this repair at my purpose built workshop in Barry, south Wales. I would need the car for approximately 4 to 5 hours.